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Regina Tchelly at TEDxSaoPaulo

In November 2015, Regina Tchelly delivered a speech at TEDxSaoPaulo, a self-organized event of the TEDx Program, which has as its mission “ideas Worth spreading”. Regina was there and enchanted the whole audience with her life story and with the attitude she defends towards the environment, the food and ourselves.

Laboratory of Life – Medical Gardens in Babilonia


During the months of January and February 2016, Favela Organica, in partnership with the residents’ association of Babilonia, gathered plenty of people to build medical gardens in empty spaces of the community. We call this gardens “Laboratory of Life” (Laboratório da Vida), since we provide information about […]

Favela Orgânica at the International Women Conference (EXPO Milano)


Regina Tchelly was invited to participate in the International Women Conference, Beijing+20, which happened in September 2015 in Milan, during EXPO Milano 2015 and was organized by the Stati Generali Delle Donne. She was named the ambassador of a new model of development.
She and Carolina Movilla, translator […]

Regina Tchelly at the Trip Transformadores Award


The Trip Transformadores (Trip Changemakers) celebrates the work of people who, all over Brazil, prove that the most efficient way to turn the world a better place to live is by translating their passions in practical attitudes and service to common welfare. Regina Tchelly was one of the […]

Workshop with the kids from Escolinha Tia Percilia

On May 7th 2015, Regina Tchelly was at Escolinha (School) Tia Percilia, to resume the food cycle activities with the kids. The Escolinha was founded in 1991 and, since then, helps families from Babilonia and Chapeu-Mangueira, by promoting social, cultural and educational development of the kids after school time.
In order to develop the best activities […]

Workshop with the “wisdom age” – the elders at Babilonia’s Health Center


On May 8th 2015, Favela Organica developed a workshop with the “wisdom age” from the community, in partnership with Clinica da Familia (Health Center) and Mrs Augustinha, a very important leadership from Babilonia and Chapeu-Mangueira. It was an amazing sensory workshop, with an incredible exchange of flavors, […]

Favela Orgânica in Paris


In January 2015, after we participated in the World Cuisine Summit in Lyon, we were invited by our friend Tinou de Manioc to spend some days in Paris, at his home. We had the opportunity to live many different and incredible experiences that we have the pleasure to […]

Favela Orgânica in Lyon

In January 2015, Regina Tchelly was invited to Lyon, to take speech at the World Cuisine Summit, during Sirha 2015, as you could see on the previous post.

Here we share some other experiences and people we met in Lyon. We had a really great time!
Click here to see the everything we did there! And watch […]

Favela Orgânica at the World Cuisine Summit


Regina Tchelly and Carolina Movilla, translator of the project and member of Favela Organica team, participated in the World Cuisine Summit, on January 27th 2015. The purpose of the seminar, which was watched by more than 500 people, was sharing ideas and innovations related to food services. Favela […]