Here are just a few suggestions to let everyone mouth-watering! For more menu options, please request a budget via email ( Please have in mind that we will create your menu based on your taste, the seasonality of food and the location of the event to be held. Also, we do not work with meat or alcoholic drinks.

Lunch Suggestions

. Watermelon rinds creamy salad
. Colorful rice with peels and stems
. Eggplant and cauliflower stems “stroganoff”
. Baked kibbe with yam mayo and pumpkin skin
. Pasta salad with yam peels and basil

Coffee break/Cocktail Suggestions

. Chayote peel and sesame quiche
. Vegetable peels bread
. Eggplant and taioba stem spread
. Zucchini and linseed muffin
. Yam peel, coarse salt and rosemary sfiha

Desserts/Sweets Suggestions

. Orange peel, carrot and cocoa cupcake
. Banana peel and brown sugar gingerbread
. Biomass tartlet filled with pear jam
. Watermelon rinds, coconut and cinnamon sweet
. Tangerine peel cookies

Drink Suggestions

. Naturally flavored water with mint, ginger and lime
. Orange, carrot and ginger juice
. Guava and lemongrass juice
. Passion fruit and kale juice
. Hibiscus refresher
. Pineapple peel and cinnamon tea