In January 2015, after we participated in the World Cuisine Summit in Lyon, we were invited by our friend Tinou de Manioc to spend some days in Paris, at his home. We had the opportunity to live many different and incredible experiences that we have the pleasure to share with you.

On Sunday, February 1st, we cooperated in a Disco Soupe at Place de la Republique – a famous parisian square, scenario of many protests from the city’s history. This special edition of Disco Soupe was organized as a protest towards the prison of three young french men, who recovered food that would be discarded by a supermarket. What is a more criminal behavior: to waste food in perfect condition or to recover them? Even with a lot of rain and cold, everyone made this demonstration in the happiest way possible; with a lot of music, dance and, of course, a delicious soup prepared by many good hands. The soup was shared with everyone who was walking near the square. It was an amazing encounter to call people’s attention to a very important cause in our planet: food waste. We were able to show, once again, that the food must be well taken care of, clean and fair for everyone!

We visited one of the three “Concrete Gardens”, a community garden of social inclusion, at neighborhood 12; an initiative of Association La Fayette in partnership with Paris City Hall. It is managed by a very dear woman, Catherine.

We also visited a local school, which is very focused on composting and planting techniques. Beautiful!

On our last weekend in France, we had the honor to join in SenseCamp Paris 2015, a meeting of social entrepreneurs who are partners of the Make Sense, a community that helps social entrepreneurship solving their challenges. We took part by commanding a Disco Soup for the 200 participants. We cannot put in words the amazing and positive energy that we shared!

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