Regina Tchelly was invited to participate in the International Women Conference, Beijing+20, which happened in September 2015 in Milan, during EXPO Milano 2015 and was organized by the Stati Generali Delle Donne. She was named the ambassador of a new model of development.
She and Carolina Movilla, translator of the project, went to this event, which debated solutions for the world crisis, through work of amazing women from all over the world. Women who fight, who think and who create a new way of living in this planet.
We can say that Favela Organica was a revolution at the event! We promoted love and freedom. The results from our job are so immediate that we basically stopped the Conference, since everyone wanted to hug and admire Regina after her speech. We even had to gently ask everyone to return to their seats so the Conference could continue!
There were plenty of compliments “bravissima“, “magical”, “revelation of the Conference”! It was a huge pleasure to share this moment with so many women who work all over the world to turn it into a better place for all of us; a place free from sexism, prejudice and hate.
Here is our special “Thank you” not only for the great women we met at the event, but also to Bel, Sheila and Instituto Trevo, the ones who made this trip possible and also to Isa Maggi, a very dear women who organized the event and invited us.
Check the pictures here!